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This year, resolve to update your will

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | ESTATE PLANNING - Estate Planning

As someone mindful when it comes to money matters, you understand the importance of having a will. Estate planning is about more than making sure finances are in order during your life. These plans also concern what happens with those monies and assets after you die.

Changes, both expected and unexpected, happen over the intervening years. As the winds of fate take hold, your current will may no longer match the situation. The New Year often sees people resolving to whip themselves into shape. Likewise, now is an ideal moment to commit to getting your final wishes into top form.

Making a codicil

If the alterations you desire are not complicated, adding a codicil might be the best option. This addendum functions as an extension of your existing will. The naming of a new beneficiary or executor is an example of the sort of information that you might include. Every codicil needs to identify the state you are signing it in and stay in line with the rules of that region.

Making a new will

Should the changes you desire be significant, it could be wiser to scratch the old version and start anew. For one thing, it reduces the possibility of conflicting documents or missing pages. There is much to know when creating a declaration. Because of this, the market is brimming with software programs to get you started. That said, there is no substitute for advice from a seasoned professional.

Fiscal health is every bit as important as physical fitness. Let the changing of the calendar be a call to action. Your heirs will be grateful.