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How do you cut down on arguments over your will?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | ESTATE PLANNING - Wills

Many pieces of fictional media focus on the explosive arguments and fights that often break out surrounding a deceased individual’s will.

However, this happens plenty of times in real life, too. How can you keep it from happening to your loved ones?

Clear up misunderstandings

Forbes discusses how to reduce arguments over a will. The primary way to reduce arguments is surprisingly simple: communication.

Many of the biggest misunderstandings and miscommunications that lead to arguments stem from sources that the deceased individual could have likely cleared up. For example, the reason why the decedent divided assets in certain ways, or left certain assets to different people, could potentially end ongoing arguments.

However, most people do not like discussing matters of their will or estate plans, especially with family members. It is a somewhat traumatic and difficult topic, after all. No one enjoys talking about the future death of a loved one.

Setting up the proper discussion

But more and more people have taken to collaborative estate planning and roping the whole family into discussions about end-of-life plans. In fact, it is popular in recent times to host a dinner where this is the primary topic.

You could consider doing the same. Set a date and time to talk about your estate plan, giving all members of your family plenty of advanced notice before diving into such a difficult topic.

Next, during the conversation, make sure to leave room for questions. This way, you can identify and address misunderstandings you may not have even been aware of.

In taking these steps, you may reduce the amount of arguments that happen.