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How do you discuss your will with loved ones?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | ESTATE PLANNING - Wills

No one enjoys discussing things like wills or end-of-life plans. However, it is an unpleasant discussion that people must have regardless.

Fortunately, there are ways to broach the discussion that will make it easier for everyone involved.

Let people know what they are getting into

The Toronto Star discusses what a person can do when they want to discuss their will with their loved ones. First, avoid this mistake: do not obscure the purpose of the discussion.

Many people erroneously believe that by surprising their loved ones with the discussion topic, it will then result in an easier conversation because no one anticipated or dreaded it happening.

In reality, your loved ones may just feel anxious, upset, flustered or even angry to have this sudden confrontation without any preparation. For that reason, let them all know far in advance exactly what topics you want to discuss.

Set a time and place

Again, do not simply break out these delicate topics in the middle of the week or during some other pre-planned family gathering.

Instead, set a specific time and place to have this particular discussion. Lately, it is more popular to go to restaurants and rent out small rooms in order to host a meal while covering these important topics.

Give people the chance to bow out

This is an important discussion, but not everyone will feel up to it at the time you are ready. Do not make them feel boxed into attending the discussion, but allow them the space and time to feel more comfortable with it.

In taking these steps, it is much easier to discuss a will with loved ones.