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During your free initial consultation with Gold Law Firm, LLC, one of our knowledgeable elder law attorneys will take the time to answer your questions and explain how a custom long-term care plan can advance your goals. Please call 240-222-1579 or send us an email and expect a prompt response.

Contact Us For Personalized Guidance

Many people procrastinate when it comes to planning for the eventuality of old age or a need for nursing home care. At Gold Law Firm, LLC, we understand that planning for your future care needs can be legally and emotionally complicated.

That is why we focus on building relationships, not just documents. Our goal is to get to know you as a complete person so we can make the best possible suggestions about long-term care to help you reach your goals. Working with our team to develop a strategy for future care can provide peace of mind not only for you, but for your loved ones.

We can help you plan for concerns including:

  • What are your plans for long-term or nursing home care?

  • How will you pay for long-term care?

  • How can you qualify for government benefits such as Medicaid?

  • What are your wishes in the event of incapacity?

  • How can you protect your assets for your loved ones?

Elder care planning is unfamiliar territory to most people, so it is normal to find the idea overwhelming. However, our attorneys have guided many people through this process. We know how to develop sound and sustainable plans while minimizing your tax liability, maximizing any available benefits and protecting your interests well into the future.

Estate Planning With Long-Term Care In Mind


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