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  • Initial Consultation
    We conduct our initial consultations on the phone or via zoom. During our first conversation, we will provide you with some general information about estate planning and we will briefly discuss your estate planning goals. We will provide you with the price or the price range at the end of our initial consultation. We reserve the right to change the price or price range as circumstances dictate.
  • Hiring Documents
    If you hire us to assist you with the design, drafting and signing of your estate plan, we will send you a letter of representation, terms of commitment and estate planning price agreement. You can also review and sign these documents on your smartphone or computer. We will send you a link to pay the invoice for the initial payment or the full price of your estate plan. We accept credit cards, debit cards and checks; you will receive more information about payment methods when you review and sign the estate planning price agreement.
  • Estate Planning Questionnaire
    After your initial consultation, we decide that we are god fit and you would like to move forward with our service, You will be emailed an Estate Planning Questionnaire. The Estate Planning Questionnaire asks you about your personal and family information; your values, goals and concerns; your advisors; your beneficiaries; your property and those individuals whom you want to act on your behalf when are unable to act for yourself or after your death. Again, you can fill out the Estate Planning Questionnaire on your smartphone or on your computer. You can fill out the Estate Planning Questionnaire at different times if it is more convenient for you. All information received from a client is strictly confidential. Our firm takes every step possible to protect your privacy. The data submitted via this form is encrypted and secured using industry- standard 128-bit SSL encryption. After we have reviewed your responses to the Estate Planning Questionnaire, we will move into the design phase.
  • Client Design Meeting
    The Client Design Meeting will be held via Zoom. During the Client Design Meeting, we will give you additional information about estate planning. We endeavor to present this information in an easily understandable format and often use animated slides to convey difficult estate planning concepts. We will talk about your best and worst-case scenarios should you be unable to take care of yourself and your children or pass away. We will discuss your emergency contact system, and if you don’t have one in place, then we will put one in place. We will talk about who you want to have the power to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated, when they get that power and how much power they have. We will discuss your medical care and end-of-life decisions and who you want to make those decisions. We will talk about how your property will be used to benefit you and your dependents during your life and after your death. We will talk about whether a will-based, trust-based, or wealth preservation-based estate plan best accomplishes your goals for yourself, your family, your business and your legacy. After the Client Design Meeting, our firm will begin the first draft of your Documents.
  • Document Review Meeting
    During the document review meeting, we will discuss the design of the plan and make sure that you understood how your plan works during any period of incapacity and after your death. After the Document Review Meeting, we will finish the second draft of your documents if necessary. If you choose to review your documents, then we will provide you with a watermarked PDF copy of those documents. If necessary, additional changes will be made after your review. The document review meeting will be held via Zoom.
  • Document Signing Meeting
    The document signing meeting will take place in person at one of our offices, your home or a place mutually convenient for all parties. You will formally execute your documents in front of two witnesses and a Notary Public. This meeting typically takes 30-45 minutes. After the document signing meeting, we will retain your original, signed documents until the documents are scanned into a digital file. After we have digitally scanned the documents, you will receive your original documents in an estate plan portfolio. The estate planning process typically takes four to six weeks from initial consultation to document signing.


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